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FMC Lending's New Account Executive Program- No Lic. Needed

Our new Account Executive Affiliate program gives skilled individuals like you the opportunity to work with us- instead of for us. Many people in this market must work several jobs and wear several hates to make it. We want to be one of those outlets. If you succeed and we have a good work flow we are happy to bring you on with a permanent position. The program is simple. Go find us deals. You can work either Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Escrow offices, Estate Attorneys, Family, Friends and Just about anyone.

We will pay you on a Wholesale closed transaction 50 BPS- 150 BPS., WOW that is a point for shuffling some papers to us. How can we do this? We are the bank, we control the money!  Our system is simple. Every deal you submit  we will send you a fee approval lock in our online datatrack system so you are protected directly from the start. See how our technolgy has simplified the wholesale process allowing you the ability to work up to 25 deals at one time. Our system allows real time pricing and pogram finding.  If you want more than an Account Executive position please consider opening your own branch, no license is needed on many of our programs. We also offer a training program for each new branch partner.  












Welcome to the New Wholesale Underwriting Automated Portal  - Access & Privileges Approved 

- 24 hour underwriting approval

- Same day pricing quotes              - 24 hour conditions check off        - Online Locking ability                   - Online Doc order form (New)      - Branch direct priority access 

- Program Finder Online (New)  

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