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                    REALTORS®  Maximize Your Sales!

Today’s real estate market requires Realtors to be creative to reach maximum potential. The need for a private money financing partner model has never been greater. The absence of a credit score requirement and many of the overly restrictive underwriting criteria of today’s conventional financing, gives you the ability to close a sale with clients who would otherwise be denied.  MORE Financeable Clients = MORE Sales Higher Commissions. Whether your transaction is a bank REO sale / purchase, or between private parties, we can fund quickly. We have the flexibility to lend to a private party, corporation, trust or other entity. The two key qualifying points for a private money loan are a moderate loan-to-value ratio and a solid exit strategy. All of our programs offer stated income or no doc options.


       Reasons Realtors Use Private Money Financing

  • Close transactions with clients who cannot qualify for conventional financing

  • Fast Funding / Work Directly With A Local Lender (we can close in 7 days)

  • Our extensive local knowledge of California speeds up the process

  • Credit scores NOT a factor NOT needed

  • Flexible / Make Sense Underwriting

  • Client’s loan-to-value is approximately 70% (75-80% Extended Program) or less and has the ability to repay the loan or a solid exit strategy, we can fund and close fast.

  • Double investor volume by leveraging with private money financing. Since REO buyers are investors who may have limited cash reserves, with private money they can increase the total number of properties they purchase.

  • Help your investors make more money while you make more sales!

  • We allow seller carry back or gift of equity up to 100% combined loan to value.


Don’t limit yourself! Call us today with your current financing needs and learn how private money can help increase your sales and commissions.

With flexibility like this - call us at (888) 297-4440 today for a quick quote!


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